Oxoid Dipslides T.T.C Agar (Red Spot)

Oxoid Dipslides T.T.C Agar (Red Spot)

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Oxoid Dipslides T.T.C Agar (Red Spot)

Hãng sản xuất: Oxoid (Anh Quốc)

Model: Dipslides T.T.C Agar

Code: DS0147A

The Oxoid Dip Slide is made of easily disposable plastic. Its raised edges ensure an even thickness of culture medium. It has a moulded grid, which makes colony counting easier, and is shaped to ensure drainage of fluid from the slide. The surface area of the agar layer on each side is 1000 sq.mm.
Dips Slides are simple to use both for the operator and where laboratory facilities are limited. They are ideal for the monitoring of oil and water emulsions, and are inexpensive for carrying out microbiological surveys.

The Cap
The bottle cap is an integral part of the Dip Slide assembly, forming a convenient handle by which it may be held without risk of touching the culture medium. Contamination with unwanted organisms that can increase the final count is therefore less likely.

The Technique
The Oxoid Dip Slide is coated on both sides with a solid culture medium. Different media can be carried on each side. Both sides should be brought into contact with the surface or fluid to be investigated.
For fluids, the Dip Slide can either be dipped into the fluid or a little of the fluid can be poured over both sides of the slide. Be careful to wet the total surface of each side. Allow excess fluid to drain off for a few seconds and return the slide to the bottle.
Do not incubate the test fluid with the dip slide in the bottle – a satisfactory count will not be achieved.
For checking the cleanliness of surfaces, each side of the coated slide should be pressed flat on the surface using enough pressure to bend the stem slightly. Return the slide to the bottle.
Incubate at for a suitable time at the given temperature (as detailed in the table below) and count colonies. Use the grid pattern in the slide to sub divide the total area and make the counting easier.

Oxoid Dip Slides are available for the following purposes:


Dip Slide Use
For the total count of aerobic bacteria.
This carries TTC Red Spot Medium which is yellow in colour and transparent. Developing bacterial colonies alter the TTC and they appear as red spots.
Incubate at 35–37°C for 18-48 hours.
For the total aerobic count and total yeast and mould count



This carries TTC (Red Spot) medium on one side (see DS0147) and Malt Extract Agar on the other side for yeast and mould isolation.
Incubate at 25–30°C for 2-5 days.
On one side, the slide carries Plate Count Agar, for total aerobic counts. On the other, it carries OGYE Agar for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds.
Incubate at 25–30°C for 2-5 days.
For total and coliform bacterial count.
DS0166 &
These carry PlateCount Agar (PCA) on one side and MacConkey Agar No.3 on the other. PCA will detect total aerobic counts, and MacConkey Agar No. 3 detects faecal coliforms, inhibiting gram positive cocci. The media of DS0167A also contain germicide inhibitors.
Incubate at 30–37°C for 18-48 hours.

For total and Enterobact-
eriaceae baterial count.

DS0168 &

These carry PCA on one side and Violet Red Bile Glucose Agar (VRBGA) on the other. PCA will detect total aerobic count and VRBGA will give purple red colonies for Enterobacteriaceae . DS0169 also contains germicide inhibitors.
Incubate at 30–37°C for 18-48 hours.

Evaluation of results

Comparison of growth on Dip Slide

Disposal of used Dip Slides
Used Dip Slides can be incinerated, autoclaved or soaked overnight in a suitable disinfectant, such as hypochlorite or a phenolic or quaternary ammonium compound product.